“God told me to speak openly” Kabi wa Jesus remains unapologetic about his testimony on bedding his cousins

Image: Kabi wa Jesus caught on camera during worship time

Social media influencer Kabi Wa Jesus is not ashamed about his past. Infact, he is grateful for the experience since he knows God was preparing him for greater things in life. And yea, today – he is using his story to inspire and spread the word of God through his ministry.

Kabi wa Jesus with cousin baby mama

Just a few weeks ago during a Kesha event at Reign City Chapel Kabi wa Jesus found himself confessing to things he never spoke of, ever in his life. As you already know – he confessed to having slept with more than one cousin, a confession that caught many by surprise.

However speaking to Dr Ofweneke during an interview on TV 47, Kabi was Jesus revealed that the confession was a request from God asking him to speak freely about what happened to him in the past. Although at the time he was praying for couples who were attending the Kesha – Kabi said;

Kabi on Dr Ofweneke’s show

God told me to speak openly about some things and these are things that people are shy to talk about. I was molested as a child and family members told me not to talk about it. There’s also that other story of being intimate with my cousins.


Getting the courage to speak about what happened to me was not easy and I feel so bad that some people criticized me after my testimony because they wanted me to keep quiet because it’s the agenda of the enemy,

Wife was unaware about testimony

This being one of those sensitive topics, Ofweneke went on to ask Kabi wa Jesus whether his wife was aware of what he had planned; and to our surprise turns out his wife, Milly Wa Jesus also didn’t know and was as surprised as everybody else.

She was also shocked like everyone else. Let me tell you on that day after I gave my testimony, 40 people gave their lives to Christ.

To those criticizing and pointing fingers at him ie Andrew Kibe and the rest, Kabi had this to say;

I don’t feel shame. I know I’m working for one agenda, the kingdom agenda. I know God is happy, so people can say what they want.

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