This is what is going to happen to Sonko if he looses to Peter Kenneth…the truth revealed

Image: Mike Sonko

Just what is going to happen to Sonko if he looses to Peter Kenneth?

Will he concede defeat like other veterans or what exactly will happen? Will he ditch Jubilee?

All those are questions lingering in the air and which we’ll definitely answer.

Speaking after casting his vote at Bidii Primary School in Makadara, Sonko said that should he lose unfairly in the exercise that he has already faulted, he will move on and vie as an independent candidate.

Now unfairly is very ambiguous in this business of politics but we highly suspect he meant he has to be on the ballot box no matter what.

Actually that’s what he said;

“Of course I have to be on the ballot if I unfairly lose the nomination,” Sonko said.

Margret Wanjiru who is also in the race has already started raising concerns in the transparency of the exercise citing massive irregularities in the area of Westlands and Karura.

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