Good girls ain’t no fun: Samidoh reveals he likes his women bad

Singer Samidoh must really be happy to have bagged himself some Karen Nyamu – a woman that keeps him on his toes and keeps his life interesting with her crazy ways.

Samidoh with Karen Nyamu

Well, at first he seemed to keep her on the side lines and for some reason he really never wanted their affair known to the public. If you remember well he once denied her in public and almost one & half years later the fella cares less whether he is spotted with her – because this time he wants everyone to know they are an item.

We honestly can’t blame him for this because since he met Karenzo his numbers (in terms of) fans base, gigs and the bank continue to grow thanks to the publicity he has been getting for the past two years.

Nyamu with Samidoh’s son

Praising Karenzo for the first time?

Anyway although Samidoh is slowly learning to publicly show his feelings towards Karenzo – we also understand that he avoids doing this because of his first wife Edday Nderitu – a woman that has stood by him through sunshine and rain.

But just the other day, Samidoh shared a post where he wrote;

Unaweza kuwa asali yes lakini mimi nataka changaa

And looking at the comments left by fans….most felt that this was Samidoh’s way of expressing his love for Karenzo….since we all know she is a bag gurl and like he put it, anaweza kuwa anataka changaa.

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