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Grace Ekirapa And Pascal Tokodi Reveal Their Cute Daughter’s Face & Name For The First Time (Photo)

October 11, 2022 at 06:01
Grace Ekirapa And Pascal Tokodi Reveal Their Cute Daughter's Face & Name For The First Time (Photo)

Media personality Grace Ekirapa and her husband actor Pascal Tokodi have finally unveiled their daughter’s adorable face & name for the first time.

Taking to their social media, the two sweethearts poured their heart out at their 5 months old daughter, whom they previously monikered with the initials A.J.

First time dad Tokodi wrote;

I’d like to introduce you to our baby Girl.

Jasmine Ariah Lenguro Tokodi ❤️

Our Everything”

He continued to gush over her;
”Her little hand stole my heart, her little feet ran away with it❤️

My Everything 👶”

On the flipside, Ekirapa also introduced baby A.J and wrote on her Instagram;
”Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Baby Jasmine Ariah Lenguro Tokodi #AJ❤️❤️”
The comment section was filled with numerous awes as fellow celebrities admired their cute daughter’s face.
The two sweethearts, who welcomed their daughter 5 months ago, had lost a previous pregnancy; which they weren’t ready to talk about until Ekirapa was heavily pregnant with baby AJ.

The couple held a colorful baby thanksgiving for their second pregnancy ,whose nitty gritties were captured in a video uploaded on Tokodi’s Youtube Channel.

The couple is yet to speak on having their 2nd child together.


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