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Grace Ekirapa recalls making quick decision while in delivery room to save newborn’s life

June 23, 2022 at 14:44
Grace Ekirapa recalls making quick decision while in delivery room to save newborn's life

I have heard women say being pregnant is basically an experience that has your life hanging by a thread…and not all get lucky as some lose their lives and others walk out empty handed from the delivery room.

Grace Ekirapa with newborn daughter

Imagine having to carry your pregnancy to term and walking out of the delivery room without your child. It’s basically torture not just mentally but physically – especially after the many complications a pregnancy comes with.

Well, looks like Grace Ekirapa also got to experience this harsh side of pregnancy – that is judging from her interview with Mpasho. The young mum recently revealed that she was forced to make a quick decision to help save her daughter’s life during delivery.

Grace Ekirapa shares delivery experience

I may be wrong but I’ve heard most doctors (in maternity) prefer a patient undergoing c section surgery; that is if there are any life threatening complications with the mum or unborn baby and although Ekirapa didn’t share much about her ‘experience’ we can’t help but wonder if this is what she is talking about.

Pascal Tokodi with wife, Grace Ekirapa

However all we know for now is that she was forced to make a tough decision that helped save her baby, Jasmin. Speaking about it, Ekirapa told Mpasho;

There is a video that I might post which was specifically for a reason because of the experience and whatever happened. I believe God led me to make a decision and we all agreed after we saw what happened.


One of the people that I respect a lot to me came up to me and told me to make the decision that a mum would make. It’s true. I listened to God I believe I made the right decision and we later realized that it was it and I thank God that I did

And today she holds a beautiful child in her arms, a proud mum of two month old baby Jasmin.


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