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Guns out! Kajairo hits back at Rapcha for saying ‘all comedians working for Churchill will die poor’

May 03, 2017 at 15:09

It has been almost two weeks since Rapcha came out to say that Churchill doesn’t pay his comedians well. The comedian cum radio presenter went ham as he confidently said that those working for Daniel Ndambuki will die poor since all they get is pocket change.

However, none of the comedians came out to say anything and I am assuming this is because they did not want to get in the middle of the fight. But one Peter Kaimenyi aka Kajairo has come out to defend Daniel Ndambuki saying that Raptcha’s statement was not true.

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Speaking to Word Is the comedian was confident to confirm that Churchill pays all his comedians well and in fact he is thankful to the veteran comedian for creating a platform where upcoming comedians can build their own careers without having to struggle. He said,


“That’s not true. Churchill pays his comedians according to the industry standards. Churchill has given young guys a platform, so it’s upon those guys who are using that platform to better their lives. Use that platform to generate the millions you want. What Rapcha is saying is not true. I have been there and I know Churchill pays according to industry standards. If you want more work for it.”



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