Guys need to chill and let Zari enjoy her new relationship

Image: Zari looking like a 19-year old at 40

Zari is in a new relationship and the whole world knows about it because like every woman who is enjoying the NRE (new relationship energy), she is broadcasting it to the world and revelling in that love. She looks happy and seems to be genuinely so.

“So what if it ends in tears?” Zari Hassan responds to relationship critics

Gone are the days Zari Hassan was trying to keep up with her ex Diamond. So she has cut off all pretences of making this relationship seem exciting. She is done trying to build up her man to seem like he is a rival to Diamond Platnumz. None of that King Bae bullshit.

Zari Hassan’s boyfriend unveiled

Instead, she is focused on enjoying the moment. She is having fun with the man she calls her Dark Stallion at intimate friends parties or she is simply cuddling with her Dark Stallion and she was happy. But the world seems to not want to allow Zari to enjoy this.

Why Zari returning to Tanzania was the best thing she could do for herself

Her new relationship seems to be denying a lot of ladies their joy and pleasure. Bi. Hassan is now being targeted by Bitter Bettys who are trying to kill her peace of mind and to be fair, she is eating up the nonsense and playing right into the drama.

Miss Zari with new bae

Rather than keep quiet, rather than keep her relationship private, Zari is now responding to the many voices singing in harmony for her relationship’s demise. She responded by saying,

Lokole is being crucified for saying the truth about fat Zari

“The most miserable people will want to see you in their WhatsApp group. Don’t count me in that category a beg. I refuse to be one of you. Happiness lives here….if it ends in tears, let it. What will you as a person lose?”

Emotional moments as Diamond Platnumz welcomes Zari and their kids into Tanzania

Why? The moment she starts to focus on her new relationship,, the second she begins to focus on making her Dark Stallion happy, that’s the second the haters run out of anything to say. You need to understand that they don’t know what is happening so have nothing to say except that which you give them.

Zari is barking up the wrong tree as pertains to her son being gay

Zari needs to get that the haters feed off her negative and dark emotions. When they troll and she responds, they get a lot to say. Contrast how she responds to trolls to the way Diamond Platnumz does. He remains silent. So the trolls target the people around him who do all the talking.

Zari Hassan posing

But we as a people also need to be better and do better. But who am I to feed my opinion to faceless, anonymous haters? I know better than to try and reason with the Hateful Harriets who populate East African internet and social media accounts.

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