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H_art the band involved in yet another road accident

July 14, 2017 at 07:23
H_art the band involved in yet another road accident

Uliza Kiatu hit makers were yesterday involving in a road accident that left their bumper damaged as reveal on their social media pages.

They shared a photo to show how damaged their was and captioned it to thank God for helping each one of them walk out alive once more from the accident.

“Sasa hizi ndio gani aaarghh!!!”

This is however not the first time the boys are getting caught up in this kind of situation and for a minute I am now starting to question their driving skills. Sometime last year they also revealed to have been involved in an accident along road and announced this through their Instagram page as they wrote to say,

“Truly, God is our Healer & Our Protector. This morning we got into a grisly accident & we Thank the Lord that none of us got seriously injured but one thing for sure is, for that split second just as we thought it was our last God rescued us & reminded us that truly, if the Lord is With You then nothing can harm you. We maybe in pain but don’t worry, we are OK *sisi ni maninja, we will survive*. Thank you all who put us in your Prayers Daily they keeps us going through our day., may the Lord Bless you”

Below is the photo they shared after their first accident.


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