‘Hakuna Mbaba Anataka Msichana Mzee’-Lady Risper Explains Why Young Women Should Date Multiple Men

Curvy socialite Lady Risper has some shrewd message for ladies in their 20’s who are aiming at being in relationship. The 30 year old indulged her fans in a Q&A session, where she shared her sentiments on why young women should date multiple men.

A skeptical fan asked for Risper’s advice to girls in their early 20’s, and this is what she had to say;

”Date multiple guys, Be smart, invest in something, go to the gym and make it a habit so that in your 30s you are used to it. Make meaningful relationships with your friends. Don’t lock yourself indoors. Go out often have fun, don’t get pregnant. Marry a guy who is exposed and has most of his assets in both your names.”

Why Multiple Guys?

The voluptuous socialite continued to justify her sentiments as she wrote;

”I have a lot to share on this… The reason as to why am saying date multiple guys is because by the time you want to settle you would know who is the best fit… 20s is your prime age because most guys prefer girls between 23-28 years. So enjoy those years and make the most out of it. By the time you 30 start settlinh…. Akuna mbaba anataka msichana mzee. Bitter truth.”


Risper engaged her fans further and bragged about how she makes her own money but receives a hefty montly allowance from her rich hubby. What do you think of her advice?

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