Hamisa had already told me about featuring in Ali Kiba’s Dodo song – Diamond

Turns out Diamond Platnumz was well aware of Ali Kiba’s and Hamisa Mobetto ‘Dodo’ track even before its production.

There was really nothing wrong with the song, only big deal is that these two Tanzanian superstars are known to be arch-rivals and that might not have been a good move by Hamisa.

Soon after the track’s release on 8th of April, the Internet witnessed wild reactions from fans who were not sure what to think of or where a dear Hamisa Mobetto stood.

Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa Mobetto

Unlike what masses speculated, Diamond has confirmed that Hamisa informed him about featuring in Kiba’s jam even before it’s video shoot.

Divulging details on Wasafi TV, Diamond expressed:

Ali has every right to use anyone he pleases in his music videos and my fellow parent (Hamisa) also has the right to appear in any video she likes.


Even before shooting the video, she told me Ali Kiba wanted her to appear and was telling me so that I don’t watch it later and think otherwise as it came out.

Ali Kiba with Hamisa Mobetto

Therefore, blessed Hamisa and asked her to go ahead.

I told her I am fine by it and asked her to proceed with the production.

Platnumz thanked the Tanzanian model for letting him on the loop, which was a sign of respect.



Let’s go back to the song and if there is one feature of the video that fans could not stop talking about is the level of decency the clip had.

Ali Kiba features Hamisa Mobetto in ‘Dodo’ track

Despite being a romantic ballad, fans lauded Kiba and Mobetto for creating a decent film while still effectively delivering the message without going extra sexually.

And from the look of things, ‘Dodo’ jam has indeed won the hearts of many.

Enjoy it!

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