Hamisa Mobeto: I no longer just do videos, I have to love the concept first

Video vixen Hamisa Mobbetto is no longer appearing in music videos as much as she used to. In short, she not just an ordinary vixen now, she has to study your concept and see whether it matches her image.

Stepping up

She recently explained why she has been missing in videos insisting that quality is what she considers now rather than just quantity which she focused on when starting her vixen career.

“I don’t just do Videos, sifanyi tu videos for the sake, am very picky na chagua nyimbo, nachagua maudhui ya Nyimbo kwanza, so for me ktokea kwenye video nyingine lazima iwe nzuri Zaidi ya Salome,” she told her fans online.


“I have to love the concept, so far I have been approached with many videos but they are not up to the level of Salome, so I will not consider doing another video, if it’s not up to the levels I want and the concept is appealing to me.” 

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