Hamisa Mobetto has outdone even Diamond’s expectations

Image: Hamisa Mobetto’s new hot photo

Hamisa Mobetto has shocked the entire world, not just Tanzanians and East Africans after she surfaced abroad American superstar rapper Rick Ross’ yacht where she was just cooling and living life large.

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Just to recap a bit on what this Tanzanian beauty has been through; allow us to start from the point that made her relevant -dating Diamond Platnumz, the biggest East and Central African star of the day.

Former socialite Hamisa Mobetto

She started off as Mondi’s clande while he was still with Zari Hassan, the mother of two of his children, Tiffah and Nilan. And while the cat was away, Hamisa Mobetto left her earing in his bed and also stepped out wearing his clothes.

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That was then followed up with her getting pregnant by him in an attempt to baby trap the artist but that did not work as her family literally made her life hell in an attempt to be avenged who they saw to be a trifflin’ tramp.

From there, she has since put out a song detailing what she endured at the hands of Diamond’s mother. But Hamisa Mobetto moved on and dated different men only that none of them really could hold a candle to Diamond’s dazzling sun.

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Hypergamy was never sated with any of them and a lot of those dalliances were short-lived. And now she has managed to get into Rick Ross’ vision long enough to be on his yacht and then be responded to on Instagram to give her validation.

But we would have to be fools to think this spells anything long term with the rapper who is known to have dated a bevvy of beauties. However, this is quite the upgrade still. And this time in the sun should be used by Hamisa Mobetto and leveraged to get more for herself.

Hamisa Mobetto’s baby daddies caught on camera bonding like never before! (Photos)

I am not saying she should run to the tabloids to sell her stories but perhaps while she is the flavour of the week but she could ask her manager to first and foremost increase her rate card costs and then start pushing for more business with Tanzanian brands while the media of the world is focused on her.

Baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto

At the end of the day, Hamisa Mobetto has managed to surpass everyone’s expectations of the men she will be able to attract and no man was more shocked than Diamond Platnumz. But she needs to be realistic in her evaluation of things and realize that her youth and beauty will not last forever and gravity and father time will win and her looks will fade. She should do everything in her attempt to lock down Rick Ross but without siring yet another bastard and also make arrangements to leverage the media attention she is currently garnering while she is the apple of his eye.

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