Hamisa Mobetto Reveals Diamond Platnumz Initiated Custody Battle For Their Son

Image: Former socialite Hamisa Mobetto

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto has opened up about her ongoing legal battle with Diamond Platnumz over the custody of their son, Dylan. In a video released by a Tanzanian blogger, Mobetto reveals that Diamond himself initiated the legal proceedings.

She explains that the lack of agreement between their lawyers has hindered their attempts at co-parenting. Mobetto also expresses her emotional distress about the public scrutiny surrounding her son.

“Hakuna mtu anayetaka mtoto wake kuongelewa kila mahali, si jambo zuri. Yeye ndiye aliyewaletea mawakili mwanzoni kabisa, kweli. Alisema alitaka kuwatunza watoto wake kisheria. Lakini nadhani mawakili wake na mawakili wangu hawakukubaliana hadi tulipofikia sasa. Na sisi tunalea watoto kama wazazi wengine wenye bahati ya kuwa na watoto,” Hamisa stated.

During a recent trip to Kenya, Diamond faced questions about why he left Dylan with Mobetto while traveling to Rwanda with his other children. The trip included two children he shares with Zari Hassan and one with Tanasha Donna.

“Sio kila sehemu ni vyema kwenda na watoto, that’s why I came here alone, at time you are supposed to leave them to study. So I went with them to Rwanda but here I came alone because the kids are in school and sometimes it’s not advisable to go with them everywhere. I will spoil them,” Diamond clarified.

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