Hamisa Mobetto’s baby daddies caught on camera bonding like never before! (Photos)

Hamisa Mobetto’s heart must have been racing faster than a sports car moments after coming across photos of her first baby daddy, Majizzo; hanging out with her second baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

Judging from the photos shared on social media; we understand that the two media gurus met during the late Tanzanian president’s Magufuli’s requiem mass held this past weekend.

From the photos, the two men appear to be talking and unlike what was reporter earlier; clearly there is no beef between these two. In fact, according to gossip monger Juma Lokole – his boss Diamond Platnumz and Majizzo are actually very good friends.

Hamisa Mobetto’s baby daddies

Although rumor has it that these two are not in good terms with their baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto; they continue to support their kids accordingly.

So far Hamisa Mobetto remains unbothered as she has moved on with millionaire Fred Vunja Bei who allegedly treats her like a queen. Rumor has it that the business man paid for her body to be reconstructed; and yes, Hamisa’s new body is definitely banging!

Anyway, now that she has found happiness in a new man; I bet it’s time her baby daddies gave her a break to enjoy life as it is! Checkout the viral photos of Diamond Platnumz with Majizzo below.

Hamisa Mobetto’s baby daddies: Majizzo and Diamond Platnumz
Majizzo hanging out Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz with EFM’s owner, Majizzo

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