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Harmonize and Sarah Michelotti prove African artistes are supported by women

September 29, 2022 at 14:49
Harmonize and Sarah Michelotti prove African artistes are supported by women

Harmonize and Sarah Michelotti are undergoing what looks like it will unfold into a very messy divorce. And she seems poised to demand half of the wealth he has accrued since they parted ways.

Harmonize On The Verge Of Losing Part Of His Wealth To Ex-Wife, Kajala Reacts

He is now with Kajala and things seem to have moved on swimmingly for him but now, here comes the big bad ex-wife looking to humiliate him rather than move on with her life.

And sadly, she is doing something that seems to affirm the long-held stereotype that African artists have to be maintained by sugar mummies inorder to sustain their career -at least at its onset. And Harmonize seems to be no different.

Wueh! Harmonize dragged to court by mzungu ex wife, Sarah Michelloti – she demands half of his properties

While there is really no shame (in my opinion) for men to use older, more established women for a lick (robbery) inorder to come up -keep that same energy Cardi B fans- I do think it is shameful for it to come to light.

Harmonize abs replaced by rolls

Think of my stance on the matter as an “everything is permitted under the cover of darkness, where it should remain” take.

Harmonize and Kajala’s love story is a disaster in waiting

And Harmonize now has been exposed which also makes us view his subsequent relationships with the same air of suspicion: wondering whether he is still being financed by Kajala.

Harmonize with ex wife and former mother in law

It also gives us more clarity on why he was simping so hard for every woman he has been with -he doesn’t have a choice. The moment that he puts bass in his voice, they won’t pay the rent.

Harmonize is the weakest simp in East Africa

Then there is the question of what he did with all the money he made from the shows he’d headline all across East and Central Africa. Look, before he became a star, he was your average village bum. Then he was discovered by Diamond Platnumz and his record label, WCB.

Harmonize’s ex-wife

From there, he enjoyed his run as a star under the wings of East and Central Africa’s biggest star, Diamond but when he left, he was stripped of all his financial gains to get out of his slave deal. So how did you expect Harmonize to survive?

This is actually a well-known secret for those who understand how a lot of African artists come up. They usually either need to get sugar daddies or sugar mummies and they pay the cost to be the boss. It has always been a guarded secret until now because Sarah Michelotti wants to flog Harmonize with this information.

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