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Harmonize claims ex girlfriend dumped him after emptying his bank accounts

February 07, 2023 at 14:18
Harmonize claims ex girlfriend dumped him after emptying his bank accounts

Harmonize now understands that sometimes love isnt just a word but a verb…and for this reason – he now feels that most of his relationships have been nothing but an investment to his ex girlfriends who used him for his money.

Harmonize abs replaced by rolls

The Kondegang CEO made this known earlier today through a post shared on his instagram stories where he talked about a certain ex who recently dumped him after realizing his account was down to 0.00.

Although Harmonize refused to name the ex he was referring to….i want to say that its abit obvious considering we all heard how Kajala and daughter roll. And also being the one he spent most of his money on – hoping to impress her – well i guess his hint isnt such a mystery after all.

Blaming failed relationship on money?

Judging from the contents on his post, it appears that what he mostly regrets followinv the failed relationship is the fact that he used his money to buy himself happiness….but never got good value of his money, and now that he is broke- i bet he wishes he never had.

F**LOVE I remember the other day my accounts was 0.0.0 for someone’s happiness. Ilipofika muda wakuachwa niliachwa kama upepo.

However I also want to mention that we warned him about using money as a key to his women’s hearts….but having been stable at the time – money wasn’t even an issue.

But a couple of months down the line and Harmonize is now blaming his exes for his current financial status.

I am talking about someone you don’t know make sure huiingizi jina lofote la ex wangu yoyote!!! Sio kila mahusiano yangu unajua. Stay single stay rich. Stay sexy.

But then again….I really don’t know why he is blaming his financial woos on his past exes…I mean…was he forced to spend on them? Of course not – and with that how about he owns up to his mistakes and work on it instead of acting all salty.


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