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Harmonize delivered electrifying performance at Sol Fest

December 20, 2022 at 15:49
Harmonize delivered electrifying performance at Sol Fest

Do you know, I have been wondering how is it possible that Harmonize had a gig in Nairobi but never advertised it online or even pushed it on his posts; yet he still managed to have a successful show with over 1000 plus kenyan fans in attendance.

This is after i looked at the videos shared by his fan pages not forgetting personal page…..and then it hit me, he was performing at Sol fest. Like what the actual f…. yes, Harmonize was just an opening act but for some reason endee up being the talk of town thanks to his performance.

Fans on social media continue to applaud him for being a real artist who respects his fans and even thoughh his career hasn’t been doing so well in the past years; most fans assured him full support because he deserves it.

Sallam teams up with Harmomize

The new positive vibe from his kenyan fans comes days after rumor had it that Sallam who was Diamond Platnumz manager is now working with Harmonize after nasty fall out with WCB team.

This might also explains why Harmonize is now booking events and is determined to show up despite having been dumped days ago….clearly his management isnt sleeping anymore.


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