Kikuyu Lady Took My Phone And Praised Their Nyash – Harmonize Comes Out Clean

Image: Harmonize

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has denied making a post on Instagram in which he praised Kikuyu women for their big behinds.

The post, which was shared on Harmonize’s Instagram Stories on May 27, 2023, read:

“Respect technology. Wakikuyu Nao wanakuanga na Nyash nowadays. Nilijua ni wakisii na wajaluo pekee.”

The post quickly went viral, and many Kikuyu women took to social media to express their appreciation for the compliment. However, others were less impressed, and accused Harmonize of objectifying women.

Harmonize has since denied making the post, claiming that his phone was taken. In a statement on Instagram, he said:

“I did not make that post. My phone was takenand someone used it to post that. I am sorry if anyone was offended.”

It is not clear who actually made the post, but the incident has sparked a debate about body image and objectification. Some people believe that Harmonize’s post was harmless, while others believe that it was disrespectful.

Regardless of who made the post, it is clear that the issue of body image is a sensitive one, and that people should be careful about what they say about others’ bodies.

About Macarena Moh

Macarena Moh is a well-known events promoter who has worked with a number of artists from East Africa. She is believed to be the promoter behind Harmonize’s shows in the US.

Moh is a respected figure in the East African entertainment industry, and her events have helped to bring together East Africans in the US. She is also a strong advocate for women’s empowerment, and her work has helped to raise awareness of issues such as body image and objectification.

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