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Harmonize Hints At Getting Back With Kajala (Screenshot)

May 24, 2022 at 14:34
Harmonize Hints At Getting Back With Kajala (Screenshot)

Tanzanian musical star Harmonize might have finally gotten a 2nd chance from his gorgeous actress ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala. We can discern this from his recent post where he expressed his eagerness to hit the gym with Kajala, terming her as his source of motivation. Both Kajala and Harmonize are gym nerds who like keeping fit; and this gives us reason to believe that Konde Boy is referring to Kajala.

He posted a video of himself working out and captioned;

”Thanks for motivation wife. 2 mn everyday it feels like nothing. You made me support man & good boy again. Can’t wait working out together.”

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Apology Accepted?

Harmonize is yet to divulge if he and Kajala are back. But from his recent posts, it’s needless to say that his numerous efforts to woo Kajala have finally paid off. The actress even went ahead to unblock him from social media. This was another hint that they’re now in talking terms. Who would refuse a brand new Range Rover anyway? This was some serious apology by the musical star.

On the flipside, Kajala hasn’t mentioned a thing nor given another hint on getting back with Harmonize. But I mean, these two were obsessed with each other and even got tattoos of each other’s names. Anway, the perennial simp messages from Harmonize will finally end and hopefully, their relationship will last this time round.


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