Harmonize needs therapy & time off relationships to fix himself

When Harmonize left Wolper Stylish for his now Italian Ex wife, there are many who threw shade at actress Wolper claiming she was too old for Harmonize…but what many didnt want to hear is how much she had invested in the guys life only to be battered and dumped last minute.

Harmonize with ex, Wolper

Well, same case to that of Italian ex wife Sarah Michelloti who he ‘abused’ mentally to a point he would have open affairs, simply because he nolonger felt the same way. Just like fans did with Wolper, they also blamed Sarah Michelloti for her failed marriage and now the lady relocated back to her country to after a nasty heartbreak.

Anyway like they say, every dog has its day or rather siku za mwisho ni arobaini and finally we’re starting to see the toxic traits in Harmonize that could be affecting his relationships now that he recently literally beats Kajala out of their relationship.

Harmonize is broken

Well having had a bitter exit from WCB and losing close friends like Diamond Platnumz – not forgetting the pain he went through that period….I feel like Harmonize is a man with q bruised ego.

This is because he was betrayed by those closest to him making him have trust issues and his only way of releasing the pressure is by hitting his women. Like honestly, have you seen how big that guy is? Not forgetting that he works out on a daily basis, so yea one punch from him and you’re out.

So yea – with each and every woman walking out due to his anger issue or ego – maybe its time Harmonize worked on his issues before involving himself with somebody elses daughter. If not – I guess he’ll keep up with his trend till the end.

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