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Harmonize response to nude photos scandal is incredible (Music Video)

April 13, 2021 at 10:24
Harmonize response to nude photos scandal is incredible (Music Video)

Harmonize has finally responded to the entire nude photo scandal he managed to get himself embroiled in when he began to proposition his fiance, Frida Kajala’s daughter and their texts were leaked by Rayvanny.

The scandal has left him with a lot of egg on his face as he had previously been virtue signalling when we discovered that Rayvanny was busy trying to mac on his soon to be step-daughter and we all assumed it was because he was protecting her when it turns out he simply wanted to eliminate all competition.


Harmonize and his former bae Kajala have each tattooed the other’s initials on themselves

And Harmonize has decided to respond to all the drama and I must say that the one adjective to describe his response is “audacious”. As in the audacity of the creep making an entire song about it and the just of what he is saying is for Kajala to keep his secrets and he will keep her secrets too.

Photos of mother and daughter Harmonize is accused of bedding under the same roof

Let that sink in. The man was trying to marry Frida Kajala. While he was doing so, he inundated our timelines with bullshit declarations of love. As he flooded us with nonsense like photos of his and her tattoos dedicated to each other, we were unaware that he was looking to cheat on her with her own daughter.

Harmonize’s former girlfriend with daughter, Paula Kajala with her mum

And when he gets outed, he threatens to sue Rayvanny for leaking his nudes and then also puts out a song that is meant to be an apology to Frida Kajala and he warns her to maintain his confidence so he can return the favour. One has to also wonder what the hell type of dirt he has on her.

This man Harmonize might be the scum of the earth but he truly understands showbiz. He knows that the only bad publicity is no publicity. He understands that even as he is being eviscerated on social media, this is the one time he has everyone’s attention focused singularly on him so he might aswell churn out content.


Harmonize with Kajala during better days

My heart goes out to Kajala though because ever since she met this man, her life has been fodder for tabloids and gossip. She and her mothering skills have been the topic of discussion for house helps, housewives, haters and me.

“Wewe ni mama mjinga” Activist tells Kajala after Rayvanny leaks private chats between Harmonize and Paula Kajala

Can you imagine what she feels for Harmonize right about now? He was trying to sling it at her daughter the same way he would sling it to her. That can make a woman of lesser constitution actually break down mentally. And all she got to show for all the horrors her relationships has opened her up to is this song.

Harmonize laughing after his scumbag deeds

Kudos to Harmonize. He is truly the king of the scumbag squad. Harmonize is the audacious all-father of the scumbag bachelors who are willing to do nearly anything in their pursuit of poon.

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