Harmonize should keep off Diamond Platnumz sister

I once came across a comment on one kf Harmonize’s photo and i remember it was a fan calling him out for being stupid….and at the time i felt sorry because Harmonize had just been dumped by his American girlfriend – remember the one he met during a basketball game in the US during his 2022 tour…yea that one.

Harmonize abs replaced by rolls

However i am starting to see why he has people convinced he could be stupid. One – he keeps falling in love with women attracted to his money and not him – and yea its a problem for most village boys….but by now Harmonize should have learnt his lesson right? Wrong.

Well after his recent outburst on Kajala using him for his money and dumping him as soon as she discovered there is no more…..(keeping in mind no one forced him or put a gun on his head to spoil his woman….he still played victim) it appears Harmonize is about to make same mistake for the hundredth time.

Harmonize will end up like Mr Nice

I say this after coming across a video of Esma Platnumz on Harmonize’s page and i am thinking he shared it because she was supporting his new song.


However i still cant understand why he felt the need to share it on his official page knowing how his relationship with Diamond Platnumz went. I mean – didnt he learn? Didnt he watch them chose Diamond Platnumz over him even when Simba was wrong?

Doesnt he remember the amount he coughed to leave Wasafi records? And today he shares a video from Diamond Platnumz sister? Okay – maybe it’s just me but come on – once bitten, twice shy…and in this case nikama kitu Harmonize hananga ni haya.

For those who will say Esma Platnumz is not to blame for Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz ruined friendship….remember family will always stand by their own and no matter what – they would never entertain betrayal. So again…..why is Harmonize involving himself with someone who will eventually pick her brother when things go south?

I mean I am no prophet of doom – but if he dares go ahead and starts seeing her on the low key…..Harmonize should then consider his career over. He won’t recover from this fall.

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