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Harmonize’s desperate stunts land him in trouble with Darassa and Juma Jux

February 09, 2022 at 15:26
Harmonize’s desperate stunts land him in trouble with Darassa and Juma Jux

Just the other day Harmonize shared a post claiming he had broken up with his American girlfriend, Brianna – only for him to later say it was a joke.

Well, this may sound like a joke to him – but from where I stand, the breakup kinda looks real….like too real, i mean it’s long distance relationship, what do you expect?

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Harmonize with new girlfriend and friend at a basketball game

Another stunt

Anyway barely a month after this petty stunt, Harmonize is back to making news for the wrong reasons… and this time around he has been accused of using names of big artists like – Juma Jux and Darassa to promote his upcoming event dubbed Afro East carnival set to go down In March.

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Among the listed artistes is Otile Brown, Kusah, Cheed and among others; but as for Juma Jux, he claims theres no agreement between him and Konde Gang’s management – hence making the announcement false. He made this known in one of Harmonize’s posts where he commented;


Tafadhali hakikisha kuna makubaliano kati ya uongozi wangu na team yako kabla ya kuniweka kwenye mabango ya matangazo kama haya. Tunapenda kushirikina kama wasanii ila taratibu za kiuongozi zifuatwe. (Kindly make sure both managements are in agreement before sharing such information on your posts. We love coming together to support each other as artistes but before that, there must be an agreement.)

Harmonize vs Jux

Darassa to Harmonize

Singer Darassa who was also listed among artistes says Harmonize never reached out to him – yet his name was all over the posters and just like Jux, the waiter hit maker Darassa wrote;

Kama artiste ninaamini kwenye support, lakini vitu kama hivi lazima tuwe an mawasiliano before. (As a fellow artiste I believe in supporting each others projects, but how about you communicate first)

Harmonize vs Darassa

Well, it’s no secret that Harmonize has been struggling with his career since his exit from WCB; but why waste what’s left with small stunts?


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