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Harmonize’s Ex-Australian Girlfriend Confirms She Doesn’t Want Him Back (Screenshot)

March 30, 2022 at 11:43
Harmonize's Ex-Australian Girlfriend Confirms She Doesn't Want Him Back (Screenshot)

Tanzanian musician Harmonize is currently simping to his ex-girlfriend Kajala, who has remained oblivious to get back with him after their break-up. It was a nasty one and Kajala hurled insults at Harmonize for leaving the relationship. Harmonize later got himself a new chick from Australia, monikered Briana. She was his most current girlfriend and they were first seen at a basketball pitch where they hinted they hinted they are dating.

Trouble in Paradise

But just like Diamond, his protege Harmonize seems to be following his footsteps of not being loyal to one woman. He is yet to settle down and has been is several relationships; which seem to be unsuccesfull. But Harmonize is losing all his bi*ches carelessly. This time, Briana confirmed that she will no longer be part of him. This was shortly after Harmonize’s message to Kajala, pleading her to come back.

Briana shared via her Insta stories about their relationship and wrote m swahili;

”♥♥♥Kwa sasa nipo nyumbani Australia…ni ukweli tumewachana na Harmonize.. namtakia kila laheri maishani mwake… Nashukuru kwa wale wote walionisupport nilipokuwa Tanzania nawapenda wote na kwa hayo nitarudi kuwatembelea tena inshallah…♥♥♥ ”

Briana’s fluent swahili raised eyebrows as to who assisted her in writing the message. Some fans believe this is just a kiki stunt for Harmonize’s upcoming song. What’s your take?



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