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Harmonize’s fiance Fridah Kajala defends daughter Paula amid pregnancy and abortion rumors

November 14, 2022 at 15:33
Harmonize’s fiance Fridah Kajala defends daughter Paula amid pregnancy and abortion rumors

Fridah Kajala is not about to let haters drag her daughter Paula Kajala’s name in mud and although the said daughter is past the age of 18 years….mama still wants to protect her in the best possible way because at the end of the day, a child will always remain a child to their parents.

Tbt: Kajala with daughter, Paula

Well, from what we know is that rumor has it that Paula Kajala is pregnant with Juma Jux’ baby….barely 5 months after breakup with Rayvanny who decided to get back with his baby mama Fayvanny. The rumors not only surprised many but paved way for judgemental critics who are now abusing the youngin.

Apart from just these rumors, word also has it that Paula may have already terminated the pregnancy due to unknown reasons….but according to gossip monger Mwijaku, its because Paula might end up raising it alone…and since she is broke….there is no other option.

Kajala steps in for daughter

Well, former actress Kajala has now come out telling off those spreading the rumors…and from what she says is that these people are way worse than witches.

Uko kwetu machawa wapo tena wakingata wanakutoa vipele…


Sio Machawa wa mjini adi mtoto wakike wanamuonea gele!!!

She went on to add another post on her IG story, Kajala made it known that no one is perfect and making mistakes is part of growth…a statement that may have confirmed the rumors. She wrote;

Usiogope kukosea maisha hayajaja na maelekezo.

The mother of one also added that instead of looking back and regretting your actions….one should use that as a learning or rather teachable experience- and with that comes growth.

Mmmh….having seen some of the comments made by fans about Paula Kajala…let’s just say this won’t be an easy scandal to get away from…mostly because they’ve already branded her home wrecker.


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