“Have mercy on me Lord” Edday Nderitu fights marital issues with powerful prayers

Edday Nderitu has been facing a couple of relationship problems with husband Samidoh who seems invested in Karen Nyamu – a woman Edday Nderitu blames for ruining her peaceful marriage.

From what we have seen so far is that Edday Nderitu believes the blame should be put on Karen Nyamu for getting involved with a married man….but when you look at the situation closely – youll realise Samidoh is old enough to make his own decisions hence the affair.

Anyway even with that its evident that Edday will continue to point fingers at her husband’s mistress who she also considers too old to be involved with a young man like Samidoh. And to prove this – Edday on a previous post wrote:

I will not raise my kids in a polygamy family, espeacilly with a woman who is older than me by more than 10yrs ,has no morals and zero respect to my family’kiura Kia ngaba’ as you put it,I have asked God every day to give me strength to pray for you but today I have nothing to tell God about you, you have drag and put me and my kids in an ocean of pain may you remember this day.#nothingbutprayers #eddaynderitu

Turns to prayers

Having been through it and suffering public humiliation from her husband who can’t seem to stay away from Karen Nyamu….no matter how many times he promises to break off things with her.

And for that reason – Edday has now turned to a higher power – seeking mercy from all the pain and heartache she continues to deal with. As seen on latest post, Edday wrote;

Oh God, remember me. Have mercy on me Lord. This is the most powerful prayer that always gets God’s attention. God remembered sarah, he opened her womb. God remembered Hannah, she got pregnant.God remembered samson, his hair started growing. This is a call for God’s mercy. May God remember you,your children and your Family ❤️.#nothingbutprayers#eddaynderitu

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