‘Having Your Own Man Is Not An Achievement’- Karen Nyamu

Senator Karen Nyamu can’t get over her baby daddy Samidoh and would protect her at any cost. Despite claiming that she would keep of him and his first wife, Nyamu can’t let go of the immensely talented ‘Mugithi’ artist.

Let’s start at the beginning. During the 2020 December festivities, the playboy Mugithi musician Samidoh was brazenly cheating on his wife with Karen Nyamu, while his wife was at home alone taking care of their children.

In a selfie video filmed on a boat cruise, Samidoh was seen making jokes with a giggly Karen. Karen herself had her head on his shoulder, and laughed out loud at his jokes. Samidoh also appeared to have his hands around Karen’s shoulder. The video caused a scandalous storm. But that was only the beginning.

Karen Nyamu: 'I wasted no minute with Samidoh!'

Nyamu and Samidoh’s wife met in Dubai and caused a fracas during Samidoh’s performance. Their drama caused an uproar and even roped in Vice President’s sentiments (Rigathi Gachagua), who admonished Samidoh to control his family issues. Of course, he seemed to have listened to Rigathi’s advice, but his baby mamas are out here competing with each other.

Despite fans urging Nyamu to find her own man, she doesn’t seem to be interested in anyone else other than Samidoh.

While responding to a fan, Nyamu insinuated that she’s not letting go of Samidoh anytime soon. She stated that finding your own man isn’t such a huge achievement.

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