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“Hawapitishangi five” Oga obinna on ladies real body count

November 18, 2022 at 16:47
"Hawapitishangi five" Oga obinna on ladies real body count

Diana Marua has been trending for the last few hours after an old video of hers confessing about her old life and how she used men to her advantage in the past emerged online….paving way for serious trolls.

From what she said is that she had a guy for each bill she had i.e there was one for shopping, rent and other things but that was way before she got saved and before meeting husband Bahati.

I used to date guys for money at some point in my life because I lacked the whole of my life, all I wanted was a good life. I dated guys for money.


Nilikuwa na mtu wa kunibuyia manguo, kunipeleka out ata baha akinimeet I used to him with a different car, i had everything. Kuna mtu anakupea 30k uku mwingine 20k mwingine 10k, that was my life

Obinna and Kamene Goro

With everyone discussing the body count issue – Kamene Goro and Obinna this morning joined in the conversation talking whether it’s fair to judge a woman by the number of men she has been intimate with and whether the same judgement would be passed to the male gender.

As expected, Kamene Goro defended Diana (being one who also shared her body count a while back) but Obinna on the other hand felt that women lie about the number of people they’ve slept with.

Speaking on it, Obinna said;

 Wasichana wengi hawapitishangi five, wengi husema wako na two or three. Men don’t want to know your real body count, it will make them judge you or see you in a certain way, Just lie but don’t overlie.

Mmh which is not a lie….but again – kila nyani na starehe zake.


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