“He didn’t commit suicide, he was killed!” − Papa Dennis Ex−manager

Image: Papa Dennis laid to rest last week

Three years after the once-vibrant gospel performer Papa Dennis passed away, Joseph Msanii, better known as Dr. Msanii, the singer’s former manager, claims foul play was involved in the singer’s demise.

The details of Papa Dennis’s death are still unknown, however preliminary police investigations stated that the musician committed what appeared to be a suicide after he fell from a Pangani apartment block on Friday, February 7, 2020.

“Papa Dennis was killed; he did not commit suicide. He was killed by the industry cartels who were after his fortunes. Towards his last days Papa Dennis had landed a deal worth millions from Ufanisi Foundation in Kibera to work on a Cancer Awarness campaign project. He had also landed a deal with Kakamega county on a Cancer campaign again. I was at the center of all these deals. Why would he kill himself just when these juicy deals were about to materialize?”

There are still little details around what precisely happened before he passed away, but Dr. Msanii claims that his childhood friend, the gospel star, was murdered.

“If indeed he killed himself, why is that there was no witness to collaborate the events leading to his death? The narrative that he jumped to his death from the 7th floor of the Pangani building doesn’t make sense,”

Dr. Msanii’s account claims that Papa Dennis fell prey to a well-thought-out scheme by “industry cartels” who were pursuing his money.

According to Dr. Msanii’s admission at the time, Papa Dennis was facing financial difficulties as a result of leaving the Maliza Umaskini Record label in 2018, which was the cause of his opulent lifestyle.

“Who saw him go up to the 7th floor? How did they know it was the 7th floor? No one came out to say they saw him go up. For him to access the balcony of that floor, which was away from the studio to throw himself, he must have had to pass through another resident’s sitting room, go to the bedroom, and eventually end up at the balcony.

Until today, there is no witness to attest to this. Better yet, even if he were to throw himself from the rooftop of the building, he had to open the gate to the rooftop, which police found closed at the time of his death. So, how exactly did he jump off the balcony?”

According to him, the artist intended to use the proceeds from the two deals he had secured to turn his life around and was on track to get back on his feet.

Dr. Msanii offers an additional interpretation, stating that the postmortem revealed injuries consistent with an assault on Papa Dennis rather than a fall.

“An hour later after his death, the owner of the studio called the producer to inform him of the news that Papa Dennis had jumped to his death.

He sustained a blood clot on one side of his head, a fracture on his left ribs, and a broken leg. The injuries suggest that a blunt object struck him on the head, and in an attempt to shield himself with his hand, the same object hit his ribs.

It’s puzzling because if he had fallen as claimed, there should have been multiple fractures, yet most of his bones remained intact. Additionally, his phone, a potential piece of evidence, was never recovered; it seems his assailants took it to conceal any traces,”

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