He enjoyed my company – DJ Fatxo says of Jeff Mwathi

Image: Dj Fatxo

Just hours before his body flew from his 10th-floor apartment in Kasarani, Mugithi star DJ Fatxo described Jeff Mwathi’s final moments in his presence.

When Fatxo was recounting the circumstances leading up to the horrible tragedy on February 23, he mentioned spending the day with Jeff, whose death he was accused of being responsible for after he passed away at home. Since he was given justice in the death, Fatxo is now recounting how he spent the day with Jeff in his first-ever interview.

The musician claimed he first saw Jeff in order to have him design his store, but the meeting on February 23 did not go as planned since Jeff was concerned with other deals he was attempting to close.

“As we were hanging out, he told me that he was happy to spend time with me. I understood him because when I was his age, I liked hanging out with celebrities,”

Before leaving for home in the early hours of the morning, according to the DJ, they visited a number of entertainment venues. He said he was pleased to spend time with me as we were hanging out. Because I liked hanging out with celebrities when I was his age, I could relate to him, Fatxo remarked in an interview with Radio Maisha.

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