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‘He Has Not Proposed Yet’-Kinuthia Comes Clean On Dating Mtumba Man (Video)

April 22, 2022 at 12:22
'He Has Not Proposed Yet'-Kinuthia Comes Clean On Dating Mtumba Man (Video)

Tiktoker and popular cross-dresser Kelvin Kinuthia recently puzzled fans after his suggestive caption confessing his love for Mtumba Man. Skeptical fans have on several occasions associated Kinuthia’s uncanny physique to being gay. But the content creator is yet to red-pill netizens on his ideal sexual orientation.

Kinuthia maintains that some of his skits and statements should not be mistaken to suggest his sexual orientation.
However, he recently hinted at being gay after he declared in Mtumba Man and this sparked speculations on him being gay. His caption read;

” Dawa ya balloon ni shindano ❤@mtumba_man Will you❤🥺💍

The caption insinuated aa palpable relationship sufficed between the two.

Kinuthia & Mtumba Man-Google

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Kinuthia On Dating Mtumba Man

Indeed, Kinuthia accepted the fact that he’s interested in the guy; but his main worry is that the mtumba seller did not propose to him yet. Speaking to Mungai Eve, Kinuthia purported that he’s still in talks with Mtumba Man and they’re vacillating between marriage & friendship.

”Inakuanga kwanza proposal alafu sasa ruracio… Mnipeleke tu polepole.”

Bearing that in mind, Kinuthia maintained that he’s still ready to mingle. He’s still open to both genders, as long as you don’t approach him without money!

Watch his full interview video below;


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