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“He kicked us out and took everything” Omosh’s ex wife narrates how she was evicted from house in Umoja

August 27, 2021 at 14:03
“He kicked us out and took everything” Omosh’s ex wife narrates how she was evicted from house in Umoja

Judy Wacuka popularly known as Mrs Ngatia says she has been separated form actor Omosh for 10 ywars; and unlike the lie he told on social media – the guy is actually an absent dad.

Calling him a deadbeat will sound like pretends not to have kids with no! Omosh is just absent; he gets to see his children but doesn’t do much for them.

Actor Omosh

Anyway thanks to a detailed interview done by Hiram Maina, Mrs Ngatia opens up about her separation with Omosh; and turns out that the two have not been together for a minute; but just like friends, they get to visit each other. Alaar.

According to Judy, life however changed for her after Omosh moved out of their Umoja house; leaving her with bills, rent and debts to handle.

Zamani tulikuwa tunaishi umoja huko na baba ya watoto wangu. Lakini after alioa, alihamia kwa huyu bibi mdogo sasa wakaanza kuishi pamoja sasa.

Mrs Ngatia

Landlord fed up

The lady goes on to reveal that after Tahidi cane to an end early 2020, she was then forced to hustle on her own; and with time she couldn’t afford her rent like before.

Exes: Omosh and Mrs Ngati

So after that Landlord nikaanza kukosa pesa kwa sababu nikikuwa nalipia watoto school fees na rent pia; na tumadeni nilikuwa nazo. Mshahara napata lakini inasplit haraka haraka.


Nikafikisha miezi tatu sasa, Landlord akaniambia mama Ciku nataka utoke. Nikamwambia, give me one more month nitaclear pesa yako yote. Akaniambia hapana wewe toka.

Speaking to Hiram, Mrs Ngatia who claims the landlord got fed up after failing to pay rent for 3 months went on to add;

Nikatafuta gari nikapark vitu zangu….akaniambia si nakudai miezi tatu, wewe toka na nguo zako na viombo za Jikoni.

And this is how she ended up relocating to Kayole, where life started looking up; before the debts started piling up again.


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