“He suffered severe hearing loss” Surgeon speaks of Louis Otieno’s chances of ever hearing again

Louis Otieno lost his hearing while he was being treated for acute pancreatitis. Professor Macharia Muthuri has evaluated Louis’ condition and revealed his assessment.

Muthuri explains that Louis was not able to use his hearing aids because he was not able to discriminate speech. The former KTN anchor was seen struggling with his hearing aids during an inquest into Careen Chepchumba death at Kibera court.

Louis Otieno at the Kibera Law Courts on June 3, 2016. Notice the hearing aid in his ear.

“He has profound hearing loss in the right ear and severe hearing loss in the left ear. He has also tried to use hearing aids, which have not help and especially because he not able to discriminate speech,” noted Professor Macharia Muthuri.

Cochlear implant

Professor Macharia says chances of Louis gaining back his hearing is very high. He explains that adults respond much better to ear surgery than children.

He elaborates that the only option left was a cochlear implant which would be able to bypass Louis’ damaged cochlear cells and stimulate the hearing nerve.

“The only alternative left would be a cochlear implant because the cochlear implant will bypass the damaged cochlear cells and stimulate the nerve of hearing,” Professor Macharia explained.



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