“He was beating up his girlfriend” Woman reveals Senator Anwar shot her for helping Aeedah Bambi

It’s funny how Senator Anwar behavior hasn’t spooked Aeedah Bambi yet despite the many times we have heard he beats her like a drum.

For some reason I’m starting to believe that she actually enjoys the abuse; probably because he makes it up in ways, that only favor her i.e Trip to Zanzibar and the shopping sprees.

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Anwar shows off injured shoulder

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However a few days ago the Senator was once again making headlines for shooting a woman in Nanyuki. From the reports, the incident occurred at Kanu grounds and him being a politician – many assumed the senator; and the lady have had some political differences hence the shooting; but turns out it’s a whole different story.

Right place wrong time

Speakimg during a recent interview, the lady shot by Senator opened up to reveal that she stepped in to help Bambi who was on the ground being beaten by husband; only for her and husband accompanied by another friend to be attacked by the Senator.

According to the lady, she heard a woman’s voice (Aeedah) calling for help and when they got there; they found the Senator with a mopping stick which he may have been hitting his girlfriend with.

Lady shot by Anwar speaks

However after intervening the Senator ran to his car where he got his pistol and shot the lady on her foot; a move that left the other the two guys running for their lives.

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Wants to settle out of court

Anwar’s police statement however states that the Senator and his girlfriend, Aeedah were attacked by a woman and three guys and chose to defend themselves using the gun.

Anwar’s doctor report

With the story airing on blogs and mainstream media, Aeedah through her Instagram addressed the issue in a post where she wrote;

iris what iris

Well it’s obvious Aeedah doesn’t feel unsafe around her dangerous man; but one this is clear – the Senator needs to work on his anger issues or should slow down on whatever he uses to make himself feel untouchable. No?

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