He washed me and dressed me: Kamene Goro revealed that DJ Bonez took care of her following her surgery.

Radio personality Kamene Goro expressed gratitude towards her husband, DJ Bonez, for his unwavering support during her recovery from knee surgery. Speaking on the segment ‘Love in The Wild’ with Size 8 and DJ Mo, Kamene shared that Bonez was by her side every day without fail during her almost two-month-long bedridden period post-surgery. She recounted how Bonez took on tasks such as bathing, dressing, and cooking for her during this challenging time.


Kamene Goro refutes involvement in any accident, affirming that she is alive and well.

While acknowledging the support from her family, Kamene emphasized Bonez’s consistent presence and care throughout her recovery, especially during moments of pain and discomfort. She described Bonez as strict yet supportive, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to her well-being.


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Celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary on social media, Kamene reflected on the importance of finding the right partner in marriage. She expressed her profound love and appreciation for Bonez, acknowledging his role in dating, courting, and ultimately marrying her. Kamene concluded with heartfelt words of gratitude for Bonez’s love, care, and unwavering support, reaffirming her love for him.

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