Hearing on Sharon Otieno’s murder is postponed while Obado’s co-accused laments family loss

The murder trial of former Migori Governor Okoth Obado, regarding the killing of university student Sharon Otieno, has been adjourned to May 6, 2024. This adjournment was requested by a co-accused, Caspal Obiero, who tragically lost his wife and child in a road accident.

During the hearing, Obiero’s defense lawyer, Meso Ogada, explained that the accident occurred in March 2024, and the burial was delayed due to financial constraints and Luo cultural rituals associated with the loss of a spouse.

Both Ogada and co-counsel Elisha Ongoya requested the court’s indulgence, citing Obiero’s inability to participate in the proceedings as he prepared for the burial. The prosecution did not oppose the request.

In response, Magistrate Cecilia Githua granted the adjournment, expressing sympathy for Obiero’s loss. The judge ordered the resumption of the trial on May 6.

The case involves Obado, his former personal assistant Michael Oyamo, and clerk Obiero, who are accused of the murder of Sharon and her unborn child on September 3, 2018, in HomaBay County. DNA test results revealed that Obado was the father of Sharon’s unborn child.

All defendants remain out on bond pending further proceedings.

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