“Hello” by Ommy Dimpoz and Mwana FA is all about lost love

Ommy Dimpoz seems to be making up for the lost time during the nine months he was sick. Having struggled with  such pain I would say its worth it.

After music  releasing spree with collaborations from various East African artists, Ommy Dimpoz teams up with his fellow superstar and longtime friend rapper and lyrical gifted Mwana fa to bring you “Hello”.


In this song “Hello”,as captioned below the video on Youtube, the  two gentlemen slow in down to describe a lost love. Ommy pleads for his love back, Mwana fa takes on a whole new attitude to express his emotions.

Dimpoz starts of with description of the kind of love he felt for a woman that betrayed him. He says, “Nalikumbuka tabasamu  Ucheshi na upole wake Siamini kama yalikuwa ulaghai…..” Damn!!

He tries to reach her by all means, calls her  but nothing. He goes on to say on voicemail I believe,“Hello! Hello ma, nisikie Hello! Namba yangu ile ile nipigie Hello! Hello ma, nisikie Hello! Sema nikufuate wapi niambie”

Wueeh!Nobody deserves such treatment when it comes to love.

….the rap…..

Mwana Fa of Hello

As the song goes on, celebrated Tanzanian Rapper  takes over with the rap, he talks of how she left without notice.Left him feeling lonely hurt and broken .

Further, there is a point where he says,” Tuliingiana ila sijui aliponyoka Je? Gwanda la buti la kisoja aisee Nafsi na mioyo, akili na mongo Naumia mazima nikimwaza beiby….” . This carries a deep message of hurt and pain in love.

However it does not end there, he goes on to trust that one day the love of his life will one day come back to him.

As they go on they are sure to mention the re-known love story of Rome and Juliet. Come to think of it , was that love?


The song was done under Rockstar Africa Production. Furthermore, giving credit where its due, the graphics in the song were well and the color blending was also well executed.

For this song we say good job boys hope you find your love. For rating purposes I will go for 7/10.Watch and tell us what you think. Enjoy!!!


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