“Help me identify the only brave man in the coastal region” Lulu Hassan’s humble plea to Kenyans

When crisis befalls, what majority will do is take off from the scene of danger. Not having in mind, there may be victims stuck in it, who only need a stretched arm, to live another day.

According to Citizen TV siren, Lulu Hassan we don’t need to look far since our very own fits the description of the few who would look back and save a life.

Citizen TV siren, Lulu Hassan

This is in reference to the unfortunate incident that went down at the Likoni ferry channel more than a week ago.


As mother and daughter lay helpless as their Toyota ISIS car gradually sank with very little hope left, one man did the most noble thing so far.

Mariam Kaghenda and her 4-year old daughter who are victims of the unfortunate Likoni ferry accident

Individuals watched the car sinking and Mariam crying out for help. But one man bravely came out and without much ceremony, took immediate action to try and rescue the two.

I want to mention him, not once, not twice, I want to mention him so many times though I don’t know his name. I don’t know his name but I know of his bravery and his golden heart. The man I don’t know his name is the only brave man in the coastal region. This brave man, when everyone else was doing nothing he jumped to the ocean. When Mariam and her baby Amanda were shouting for help he had jumped with a rope, though the bystanders heard the cry for help. The man I don’t know his name was the only one who heeded the cry of Mariam and Baby Amanda.

Without any life-saving gear, without any oxygen tank. Basically lacking any protection from the imminent dangers in the deep ocean waters. The man was determined to save at least a life.

Man who tried to save Mariam Kaghenda and her young daughter, before their car submerged in the deep waters

A man, who has captured the hearts of many including the mother of 3, Lulu Hassan. A guy who might not have received as much recognition as the ‘divers’ have, but it does take courage.

The media personality has come out with one humble plea to the public, to help her identify the man with a big heart.

Celebrated media personality, Lulu Hassan

Because despite fact that he might not have been accorded the deserving recognition, Lulu believes the man is brave and worth celebrating.

Gone too soon

Adding that Mariam probably did want to thank the man for his efforts. But the tides did not allow her to thank him for his big heart and bravery.

Mariam may have seen him before it was dark. She may have seen him and said bye and thanks before the salty waters filed up her lungs. Mariam may have seen this great man before her tears were carried away by the powerful waves and said thanks anyway. She and her baby died a painful death, she died when those concerned of her safety were in deep slumber only to wake up and shed crocodile tears.

Though he did not succeed, the man I don’t know his name, had tried, he had no oxygen cylinder. He had no swimsuits, no speed boat, nothing but a big heart. Almost sacrificing his life to save another. He had tried. I think Mariam never knew his name too, she had seen him try, but said bye and thank you before it was all dark. Share this message until I know. Until we know the name of the only man against all odds who had tried to save Mariam and Amanda. Share, share, share.

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