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Here is why Kenyan music cannot sell internationally

July 05, 2019 at 12:51
Kenyan artists in one picture. This are the ones that probably are trying.

When we talk of music, we forget to state that this is art. It is something that people need to keep being entertained. I am sure we are all lovers of music which genre it is. Today the industry is filled with a lot of artists both old age and new age artists.

There is something that we fail to  note with our artistes be it from whichever age. I remember someone debate about playing Kenyan music. You’ll argue with me on this but we have to state facts. No one will force me to listen to content that I do not like. You realize that most radio hosts said give them something that is of content and they will play it.

By now we should realize that only a few of our artists have made it internationally and onto the East Africa Market. It is funny that some of the local artists work is only played on their local stations which is also a hustle.

Reasons Kenyan music will not sell

Most of these artists have a shallow mind. What do I mean? When composing their work they only see their surrounding. They fail to realize that the local community is probably 10% of their audience. The only look at something that pleases the few but deep inside they went to sell. Come on one needs to think wide and far.

Secondly, there is no content. Yes there is no content. I know you’ll throw stones on this. Like how do you expect the likes of Lamba lolo, Pekejeng, Wamlambez, Figa to sell internationally? It is a good that they want to fit in a certain environment but what about the long-term goal?


Even if the likes of Ethic, Sailors, Zzero Sufuri are selling now, the question is for how long will they survive the industry?

This is crap, these boys need to think and re-evaluate their music. It will play for sometime and then boom, it is already forgotten. We do not need this, we need something that anybody from whichever part of the world can listen to.

Also, laziness is something that is eating up our artists. They want things to come easy for them. To sell you need to invest your time and resources. I must say that most of Kenyan artists work is of low quality. How do we expect this to compete at the international level?

There some artists who have been able to climb the international ladder like Khaligraph Jones, King Kaka, Nyashinski, Nameless to mention but a few. These are people from America, no they have made it their business to do great things and market their work.

king kaka one of Kenyas artists who is doing well internationally

For now I’ll stop there. But again, lets embrace music that is making sense and something that can go out there. There are words that can also be won by Kenyans. Go for good producers and directors to come out with something better.

It only requires a willing heart, dedication and the urge to entertain a larger group of people.




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