Here is why Kinuthia can only cross dress within Nairobi (Photos)

Auntie Kinuthia was in the village this past weekend but unlike his usual self, he kept his face make up free and chose to appear more male – and for a minute – it hit me – shoot guys in the village don’t understand LGBTQ, so fair enough.

Anyway this also confirmed that chances are that Kinuthia’s village has no idea about their son being a low key cross dresser…which is why he lives a double life – that is, a man while back at home and a woman while in Nairobi where every other new modern lifestye is acceptable.

I mean imagine having explain why he dresses like a woman…chances are that no one would even understand his theory mainly because explaining it will sound more of like I am African but i squint my eyes to look Chinese since i feel like one on the inside. Gerrit?

Change starts with you

However I also blame Kinuthia for being fake….I mean if he feels like a woman and desires to become one – then why the double life?

In this new era of Sodom and Gomorrah it’s all about standing up for what you believe in and having Kinuthia fully dressed like a man knowing very well that is not who he is proves he is afraid of what society will say about him.

But again, having him grown up around¬† so many female relatives – can’t say we are shocked that he feels female on the side.

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