Daddy Owen Explains Why He Took A Long Break From Music

Owen Mwatia, popularly known as Daddy Owen, has opened up on the reason why he took a break from music.

The Gospel artist is believed to be living separately with his wife Farida Wambui. A close friend of the musician disclosed that Daddy Owen has been depressed for the past three years.

I've been depressed but am now healing — Daddy Owen

The marriage came to a halt when Owen was called by a family member who works in a posh hotel in Naivasha, revealing to him that he had just seen his wife getting engaged to a rich tycoon.

However, the gospel singer is yet to remove his ring as he termed it as a covenant made in church.

He said he was afraid of speaking about his mental health as a man since he feared being termed as weak.

“Those I tried to explain to my problems to thought I was mad. Others told me to be a man. But in the long run, I had to dig the problem and face it.”

In an interview, Owen admitted that he gave himself a break due to the fact that he was depressed.

We Want Five Kids From Daddy Owen and Farida” – Rufftone

” Mentally I was not okay. I’ve not been okay for a while. I discovered later because when you’re going through stuff, more so your mental health, sometimes before you realize whatever is happening to you, inakuanga very late.”

It’s evident that Farida’s love was not genuine, unlike Daddy Owen’s. Most men are not opening up on depression with the fear of being termed ‘weak’. Let’s speak up as men, we’re also human, not machines!


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