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Here’s why Nairobians have been hit by super Gonorrhoea

January 12, 2023 at 18:38
Here's why Nairobians have been hit by super Gonorrhoea

So word has it that Nairobi is currently under crisis following the rise of super Gonorrhoea as announced on popular news paper. Okay, i cant really say i am surprised to hear this judging the current lifestyle most 40 to 18 year olds have been living.

I mean Sauti Sol already told us how the game is being played down here and yes we can all agree – sharing partners is the reason why many are silently treating their itch….forgetting to alert the other partners who they have been with.

Protection no longer a requirement

Well, we also have to note that although many choose to share partners what they mainly forget is the importance of using protection. So you find one guy with almost 10 women who also happen to have other partners on the side….wait for it…who also have partners and all of them never feel the need of adding protection to this game of “who can smash the most.”

Infidelity/multiple partners

Others are however so unlucky that the virus and diseases are brought home to them – yet theyve been faithful all through. I said some.

Well, also judging from the number of un happy married men and women bored in their relationship – these are now the most dangerous as they look for the younger available men and women who are just new to the game….and just like that these ones hook up with their agemates…..and inasambaa kama moto.

I am not one to tell you how to live but damn with super Gonorrhoea on the loose….the only words I can help you with is weeeeeuh ogopa.


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