He’s A R*pist-Diana Marua Threatens To Take Willy Paul To Court Following R*pe Allegations

Diana Marua’s beef with Willy Paul has taken a new twist as the musician and YouTuber went ahead to reveal obnoxious details on how Pozze almost raped her some years back. Diana’s main reason for doing the exposé was because she claims she’s had enough of Willy Paul chasing clout using her name.

 ”I’m still in disbelief that a Man Can Forcefully attempt to Rape you but because they vê noticed you went Silent they still Clout Chase with Your Name Lying to the public that they have slept with You Just for Clout. Is that a Confirmation of what You Did??? ???????????? You Even Cross the Limits and sing about it to Clout chase for the sake of saving your already dead Numbers & Career??? How do You even Lack Respect to that Extent??? You even dare Mention My Kids in Your Nonsense?”

Diana In Sorrow

Filled with bitter tears, Diana divulged how she was being forced by Willy Paul to sleep with him.

”…I’m trying to tell him, get off me, vitu kama izo. So I started screaming. This guy was chocking me. Uyo mtu alikuwa amenishika ivi kwa shingo so that I can not scream.”

She proceeded to threaten to take leg*al action against him for rape;

”Alot of Women have been Quiet because he threatens them to Know big People in Government Wacha Sasa Tuone- Now its Time we Stand for Our Women. I cant stop Crying ???????????? ???????????? LET’S MEET IN COURT & STOP A RAPIST!!!”

Despite all this, a section of fans remain adamant on believing her story; stating it’s all for clout, while other’s stand with her to demand justice.

Watch Diana’s full video below;


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