‘He’s The Biggest Simp’- KRG the Don Throws Shade At Andrew Kibe (Video)

Most celebrities are on Andrew Kibe’s neck following his numerous criticisms on every wrong move they make. He has come up with slangs such as kafukuswi, nganuthia and many more to denigrate his ‘enemies’. Some have had enough of him to a point of becoming oblivious to his comments on them. He’s actually creating content using this subtle means, and his YouTube is actually flourishing.

Recently, gospel singer Justina Syokau condemned Kifee for harshly criticising people via his YouTube channel. He rebuked his sentiments which he shares as content, adding akona umama.

The Twendi Twendi hitmaker did not mince her words while addressing the press and called out the former radio presenter for allegedly breaking a lot of homes in Kenya.

Justina Syokau Hits at Andrew Kibe over His YouTube Content: "Hana Kazi" -  Tuko.co.ke
Justina Syokau Hits at Andrew Kibe over His YouTube Content:-Google

KRG Attacks Andrew Kibe

Rapper KRG has now attacked Kibe for the same, and he has hurled unprintable insults at him. Speaking to online media, KRG denounced his behaviour and purported he’s the biggest simp, for living with an old woman in the States. While launching his app Maisha Poa, he addressed Kibe saying;

”Kwa sababu mbona anaishi kwa mwanamke? Tena ule mwanamke nimekuja kupata fununu ya kuwa ni kiziwi. Haskiangi ile maneno Kibe anaongeanga. Kwa sababu ule mwanamke angekuwa anaskia ile maneno Kibe anaongeanga kuhusu wanawake, angemtimua mbio… Kibe is number one simp.”

Watch KRG’s full video below;

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