Hey Jimal Roho Safi, lose weight, being obese is a sign of weakness in men

Image: Is Jimal Rohosafi okay?

Jimal Roho Safi has never been the type of man who cannot be accused of being fit or into the fitness lifestyle. Ever since he first burst onto the scene thanks to his relationship with Amber Ray, he has always been rotund.

Jimal Roho Safi is about to make Wangari Thiong’o a 2 time baby mama

But now his fans on social media have noticed he has taken things too far as he’s not just fat but morbidly obese and this is something that we as men need to call him out on.

The reason for that is that men did not get to cry about body positivity as the reality of life always hit us the hardest. Jimal Roho Safi is a wealthy businessman but that just means that whenever he deals with women he leads with his wallet as these women do not truly Desire him and that would explain why it took very little for his ex to dump him because once they see beyond they agreed for his money he’s little more than a potato.

Jimal Roho Safi has no direction and it shows

And the reason why we need to have a very honest tete-a-tete is because he is a father of two children who has a baby on the way by his current woman Wangari and what he is doing is going to Rob his children of his presence in their lives sooner rather than later.

Jimal Rohosafi with Maembe ya msimu

Jimal Roho Safi needs to understand that his children need him in their lives and his lack of self-control around food is going to be something and robs them of a father and eventually a friend and adviser.

Amber Ray revealed how much Jimal Roho Safi lost

You should also understand that he’s teaching his children not to have any semblance of self-control within themselves with regard to food. The truth is when it comes to obesity gluttony is the cause of it and he clearly lacks self-discipline that doesn’t mean he cannot develop it henceforth.

Jimal Rohosafi

It should also be noted that obesity makes men weak because being that fat causes your hormones to flip on their head which results in men having more oestrogen (the hormone typically associated with females) and causes testosterone to diminish within the body. That is why when you look at Jimal Roho Safi, you can’t help but notice he has breasts.


And I for one am left wondering whether Kenyans really have any masculine role models because the type of men who are in the limelight are always lacking and deficient in one aspect and overcompensate with the next rather than seeking out balance. Another thing about obesity is that due to the destruction of hormones it tends to make men more prone to emotional instability.


Strong men make strong fathers and strong fathers strong sons and strong sons build a strong future. Weak men are terrible fathers and terrible fathers raise weak sons and weak sons in turn create terrible times. That is something that Jimal Roho Safi should contemplate.

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