High testosterone: Samidoh shows us how not to simp

Image: Samidoh

Samidoh is the man! It would seem the Men’s Conference 2022 has been a success given just how much he has managed to man up and show that unlike the rest of Kenya’s make celebs, he has no intention of remaining a simp for the entertainment of anyone. What am I talking about?

“I will not raise an illegitimate child” Says singer Samidoh

Well, he recently stated that he has no intention to raise another man’s bastard. What is interesting is the fact that he had two wives -well, really, a wife and a partner in Edday Nderitu and Karen Nyamu who are both currently pregnant… So who could he possibly be speaking about?


Well, what we also know about Samidoh’s household is the fact that a few months back he put hands on Karen Nyamu and it was all allegedly about the possibility of paternity fraud but we do not know anything about that other than what is whispered.

Samidoh replaced already? Karen Nyamu caught on camera kissing new man (Photos)

However, even as she has been on her campaign run for the Nairobi Senatorial seat, we were treated to images of her kissing another man (not the Kikuyu benga musician) while still heavily pregnant with a baby she claims to be his.

Happy couple, Eddy with hubby Samidoh

He however took to TikTok to reveal he has no intention to raise another man’s offspring. And I have literally raised myself to my feet and clapped for him. And no, I am not talking about a slow clap but rather, a riotous cheer. Samidoh is the man!

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Kenyan men and young boys do not have a lot of real men to look up to in pop culture. We do not have instances of masculinity shown by our celebrities. Instead, we are treated to useless men like Daddy Owen who pine over their cheating wives who continue to shovel defecate on their heads. We have to stomach men like Eric Omondi simping.

Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Now we are being shown an instance of masculine instinct by Samidoh. I mean, sure, he has made a lot of missteps in the past, sure he has done a lot of nonsense in the past that I do not condone BUT he has shown he has a spine and that is something we should celebrate: his testosterone is finally flowing.

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You see, anyone with a brain could see that his choice of a second wife/ paramour was a poor one. But we all know that a lot of men do not know how to think clearly when they are horny. However, he has begun to correct the error of his ways.

Samidoh with his wife and two kids

Only a fool willingly allows himself to be cuckolded and Samidoh is not that fool. And we have to celebrate this fact. Especially given the fact that we know 30% or more of Kenyan men are raising children not of their own making and the kicker is that they are doing so unknowingly.

We need more men willing to stand up for their own rights and interests like Samidoh is doing. I guarantee you that had it been one of these simps like DJ Mo and Daddy Owen, they would have blindly accepted responsibility without actually verifying paternity because that is what would make them good men. Absolute folly!

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