‘Hio Ni Tabia Mbaya’- Amerix Warns Mulamwah Against Exposing Sonie & Baby Keilah On Social Media

Mulamwah & Carol Sonnie have been on the spotlight for their endless & paramount allegations against each other that have ruined Kenyan’s perspective on their previous relationship. More & more obnoxious details on what expedited their break-up keep on emerging every now & then. And Mulamwah doesn’t seem to stop at any point. The funnyman recently refuted siring Keilah Oyando with Carol, adding that she was cheating on him while they were in their relationship.

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Amerix Speaks

Medical specialist and masculinity coach Eric Amerix scolded Mulamwah for his recent actions, including publicly disowning the baby. Amerix termed the action as peculiar and stated that it would affect her once she’s old enough to read about the story. He said this while in an interview on Milele FM with Ankali.

”Ni tabia mbaya sana kuandika watoto wako kwenye mtandao. Hata kama sio mtoto wako, usimwandike ama usimwanike. Maanake uyo mtoto akifika miaka kumi na nane, ataingia mtandaoni aseme, ah, huyu jamaa aliandika apa siku nyingine kwamba yeye si babangu. Unaona sasa aibu?”

Amerix maintained that dragging their toddler into their unresolved issues wouldn’t help. There’s definitely a long way to go for the two who are yet to amicably settle their predicaments.


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