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Home Boyz radio needs to get DJ Bash mental help

September 08, 2022 at 12:59
Home Boyz radio needs to get DJ Bash mental help

What is the role of an employer when it comes to mental health issues? That is the question I find myself asking when I see the DJ Bash situation unfold. And I think his employer, Home Boyz radio, through their main company, Radio Africa group need to step in and get him help.

DJ Bash blames baby mama for his unstable mental state, admits he is drowning in depression

Incase you do not know, he has been going through a rather distressful time due to his baby mama estranging him from his son even though he claims he has tried on multiple occasions to be active in his son’s life.

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And we have been witness to his meltdowns on social media where he has sometimes posted bizarre cries for help only to quickly backtrack and assert his intent to fight his demons alone. DJ Bash is suffering and we can all see why.

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He and his baby mama split up after she got with a new man of European descent. She moved away from his house with their young son. He has been used as a living ATM, being asked to foot the bill for him yet he has been denied parental rights over the boy.

DJ Bash

Clearly, he is suffering due to his willingness to martyr himself because of the misguided belief that society holds that men, husbands and fathers are to be held to a loftier moral standard than their wives. This has only led DJ Bash to a point of desperation and resentment that only a trained counsellor can help him through.

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And his employer needs to take note of this. Not because of altruistic reasons because let’s face it, they aren’t a humanitarian organization, but because this mess will start affecting his work rate. Sure he spins tracks but that is a highly emotion-driven career. When he is upbeat, the mixes he creates are inspired. But when he isn’t, you can tell.

Also, this is about how DJ Bash’s situation portrays the organisation. They can clearly see this man is spiralling. What have they done to arrest the situation? Or are they waiting for something tragic to happen for them to inundate us with silly memorials and false tears of regret?

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