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‘Hospital Would Be Prison Without You’- Akothee Gushes Over Lover Nelly Oaks After Being Discharged

December 21, 2021 at 10:47
'Hospital Would Be Prison Without You'- Akothee Gushes Over Lover Nelly Oaks After Being Discharged

Akothee’s health has been on the edge in recent weeks after being hospitalized severally for an illness she can’t explain herself.

I can’t describe what is eating me up , but it keeps doing it’s thing at the worst moment of time .
We have been here since Saturday and this is our jamhuri celebration. Today I can lift my head 💪

'I Can't Describe What Is Eating Me Up'- Akothee H0spitalized For The 5th Time

On the positive side, her lover Nelly Oaks; who has been on her side through thick & thin, has received words of appreciation from the single mother of 5;

”I will still choose you KING in any other given chances 💋
Thank you Lord for the gift of life and a loving husband, I have nothing to give baba Elizabeth @nellyoaks may God bless you abundantly for taking my bulshit 🙏 The hospital would be prison without you . I had my world with me ,that gave me easy time to recover, I will protect and love you as longs as Our love is protected by The blood of Jesus 🙏. I may have it all figured out in my life 🤔But trust me you fall into the perfect package of my life ❤️

Akothee continued to advise couples and thanked her fans for praying for her while she was hospitalized;

”Love whoever love you ,give your relationship the best 🙏 Never compare the grass on your neighborhood, just water yours your way .
Never hurt those who love you ,they might not hurt you back ,but might choose to walk away forever 💪
Thank you very much my fans for the support ,love prayers and from my fans / friends and relatives…”




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