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This is the hot photo of MC Jessy hanging out with Anerlisa Muigai that has left social media users making noise online, what could the two be up-to?

May 04, 2017 at 14:04
MC Jessey

So far MC Jessy has made a name for himself and thanks to Churchill show he continues to expand his brand making him dine with the big fish in the industry.

Among those he hanged out with is the president of the republic of Kenya among others. And now Anerlisa Muigai who is the the daughter of Keroche breweries owner Tabitha Karanja was recently seen with the comedian leaving fans wondering whether the two are up to something.

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From MC Jessy’s caption it is easy to tell that he posted the photo with the aim of playing around with his followers as he asked them to help him find a suitable caption. He wrote, Am not sober NKIROTE VS KEROCHE derby Mtu anisaidie na caption ingine…

Well, the comment was lit as people comparedĀ Anerlisa Muigai with his lost love, Nkirote…but the two could be up to something. Anyway lets wait and see.

Checkout the photo below:

MC Jessy with Anerlisa Muigai

MC Jessy with Anerlisa Muigai


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